Application for MS-11 Rapid High-Tack Adhesive

Anti-Mould Compounds Anti-Mould Compounds

Contains a strong anti-fungal compound. Remains permanently flexible.

Filler and Solvent Free Filler and Solvent Free

Non-shrinking formulation and over-paintable. It is also odourless and free of solvents

Smooth and Easy Application Smooth & Easy Application

Seal & cementation of al-alloy door & window, storefront, show window, diagonal and skylight corner line.

Bonding and Fixing Bonding and Fixing

Bonds, mounts and fixes just about all materials. High strength and initial grab. Replaces all other glues and adhesives.

Safe on Delicate Materials Safe on Delicate Materials

Safe for use with soft metals such as lead without staining. Suitable for use with natural stone and marble.

Mirror Adhesive Mirror Adhesive

Safe & permanent giving of mirrors onto almost any surface with high adhesive strength.

Can be used on wet surfaces Can be used on wet surfaces

Can be applied on wet surfaces, even underwater.

Pottery Bonding Various Decorations

Sealing glass, glass fiber, pottery & porcelain and greaseless material and so on.