MS-11 Rapid High Tack

The Ultimate Adhesive - The Ultimate Sealant


Twice the strength. Twenty times faster cure. Hybrid Polymer formulation giving outstanding bonding and sealing properties.

It outperforms and replaces construction adhesives, wood glues, PU adhesives, sealants, sanitary sealants, buthylene sealants and acrylics.

MS-11 bonds and seals all metals, including soft metals such as lead without staining, mirrors, all woods including timber, MDF and chipboard, natural stone and marble without staining, most plastics, glass, concrete, polystyrene, polyurethane, laminates, plaster, cork, tiles and much much more.

Bonding MS-11 Rapid High Tack Adhesive & Sealant

MS Polymer Adhesive & Sealant has multiple applications in the Building, Construction, Airconditioning/Ventilation, Sanitary and General Maintenance areas.

Bonding of insulation, even on wet surfaces. As a mounting adhesive for bonding skirting boards, lathing, sidings, eaves, laths on brick, gyproc, celular concrete, Ytong, mortar, etc. It replaces mechanical attachments. As a sealant for both wet and difficult surfaces. Does not attack natural stone like marble, Belgian blue stone and granite. Ideal as a sealant between windows and brickwork. Can be painted perfectly, even with acrylate dispersion paints.
Windows and Verandas: bonding of glass in synthetic and aluminium profiles, bonding of adhering pieces and corner pieces in the production of windows

  • Bonds and Seals just about everything
  • Can be applied under water
  • High initial grab and flexibility
  • Contains anti-fungal compound
  • Safe on delicate materials
"I would like to compliment you on a FANTASTIC product - MS-11 Polymer. Recently, I had an emergency leak to fix. Water was seeping in around the drain tile/basement foundation wall and I was not sure what to use, so went to my local hardware store where they recommended MS-11 Polymer. It was so easy to work with and sealed the leak permanently. Thank you so much for a truly amazing product!"

Size Colour Packed Code
290ml White 12 MS11005

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